Rae Capri

Creativity, Positivity, Coding, Books & Love!


It’s Rae Capri, from NYC.

Growing up my mother always read to me, and now I’m an avid reader. Reading books keeps me in a calming mood and I truly enjoy it. I honestly can not tell you how many books I’ve read, if you only knew; just absolutely Amazing! Currently, an online student working to earn my Associate’s Degree in Computer Science, but taking life one day at a time.

I’m also part of an online book club, where I read books and provide honest reviews. Sometimes you’ll see a short and sweet review, while other times I can go on for a couple of paragraphs. Just keep in mind you’ll get a sense of variation, as it all depends on the amount of time I have. Hopefully, I can keep up with a number of books and reviews I need to make.

Reading is my hobby and blogging will be added to that list. I’ll have some Freebies and Giveaways in the near future, please look out for that.

To all my followers and those dropping by and hitting the ‘Like’ button, I truly appreciate your love and support.

Welcome to my reader’s blog, hope you enjoy your stay!

– Rae